Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beach bathing suit question for guys?

Okay guys what would you say the best bathing suit on a girl is ?Beach bathing suit question for guys?
Depends upon the build and weight of the girl. In general, I find one piece suits very appealing as they accentuate the lines and curves of her body. I did notice a lady at the pool today in a black tankini with square cut shorts - very sexy.Beach bathing suit question for guys?
Black Speedo one-piece look incredible. Also just about any bikini. But I am a lap swimmer, so chances of seeing others at lap swim are greater with one-piece than bikinis.

Although, when somebody is swimming laps in a bikini, there is always the chance something will fall off, ha, ha.
Put my vote in for the plain one piece. I just find it sexy on a women. Maybe because everyone seems to wear a bikini therefore making the rare appearance of a one piece more exciting.
I love to see a girl in a one piece. They are so sexy the way they shine and cling to her body when it is wet!
very revealing, shows some butt area n yea thts great
string bikini or a strapless and thing that shows it off more is best
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