Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does Jesus Enjoy Sun-Bathing On Miami Beach?

.. or anywhere else you could think of?Does Jesus Enjoy Sun-Bathing On Miami Beach?
Jesus's Turn ons include;

-Sun-Bathing On Miami Beach

-Minight walks by the lake

-Silk sheets

-Woman in robes

Jesus's Turn offs include;



-Pamela Anderson

-CheetosDoes Jesus Enjoy Sun-Bathing On Miami Beach?
You are a poor lost soul, aren't you? Have you been disillusioned again??

Of course he would, he's a cool nice guy.
Who doesn't?
Why wouldn't he?

Didn't he say that the sun shines on the just and the unjust?
God is Everywhere
Why do you ask dumb questions? Be muture and grow up it's like you making of God. God does not like that.
Is this a religious question? You got the category wrong.
I dont want to be at work today..... it's too nice out!
Unfortunately, Jesus didn't get to enjoy sunbathing on Miami beach because He was too busy getting crucified and then resurrecting. As a result of that act of selflessness, we can enjoy sunbathing on Miami beach on His behalf instead. I (on behalf of everyone here) give thanks and praise to the Lord for the opportunity to sunbathe on Miami beach, too bad I don't live anywhere near Miami.
I would say He was busy about His Father's business. . .that didn't usually mean lolling around staring at naked bodies. He did, however hang out a lot on lake shores. . .and taught. . .because in spite of hating the sin, he loves the sinners.
im sure he would if he was real
he didn't get the chance
Christ really does love you...
I think he would have enjoy sun bathing in Chipre

it is a less snobby beach

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