Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is it wrong for women to wear two piece bathing suits at beaches due to immodesty? Causing guys to stare, etc.?

So you saying the woman is responsible for the guy looking?

I’m Christian - God gave me eyes to look at the beauty He made, and a woman’s body is beautiful.

I could choose to turn my head, but like my wife says, “it doesn’t matter where I get my appetite as long as I eat at home”Is it wrong for women to wear two piece bathing suits at beaches due to immodesty? Causing guys to stare, etc.?
I wear a two piece bathing suit which covers up a signficant amount of my torso.

Besides, there are equally distracting one piece suits.

Guys should also learn to control their staring -are you implying that we should accept that guys are lusty animals and aren't expected to control themselves, but women should?Is it wrong for women to wear two piece bathing suits at beaches due to immodesty? Causing guys to stare, etc.?
They don't ';cause'; men to stare. Men are responsible for their own staring.

If you can't cope with the fact that women are shaped the way they are, and you can't stop thinking of sex when you see a woman's shape or skin, then the solution is not to make women cover up - they're not the ones with the problem. The solution is for you to grow the hell up and deal with reality.
For all you folks saying ';men can CHOOSE not to stare';. Do you know how hard that is? Sure, it's ultimately a choice, but it's a very hard one!

Perhaps the question should say ';Is it wrong for women to cause men to make tough decisions by simultaneously wearing sexy clothes AND not wanting to be stared at?';

Well, to be honest, the choice isn't hard for me. I just stare.
If you're a Christian male and you're staring then you should just pluck your eyes out as Jesus suggested.

';And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell.';-Mark 9:47
Yes, I think it is. Women should not do anything to cause any sexual attractions to themselves. We are to be temples for Gods work and behave in a manner pleasing unto Him. We are not to do Satan's work and stir up all kinds of evil things.
What is wrong or immodest about a two piece bathing suit. Perhaps you are talking about a bikini? Guys staring is their own business and their thoughts are their own sins. Please wake up and step into the new millenium.
Men can choose to stare or not. They are in control of their own reactions. Women should be allowed to be as comfortable as men when swimming. Too many people make too big a deal out of nudity and so called immodesty.
Only women with emotional issues dislike feeling desired. The only other time they complain is when the guys are staring at someone else.
Maybe guys can learn to control their staring, if it's such a big deal.

edit: lol @ typical guy comments about being nude. You silly basement-dwellers.
Tops are shackles for the breasts. If men can go bare chested there is not reason women should not be able to as well.
What's wrong with two piece, some of them are a tank top type top with shorts...

Guys don't even wear the top, so..
Try going to a European beach in summer sometime.
Only if you look like an exploded can of pillsbury rolls.
Hey, there are bikinis and BIKINIS. Most sold around here are nice and decent, providing you buy your REAL size :)
How about zero piece bathing suits?
Do you care when you're oogling her?

Yes, the two pieces are distracting. Better off not wearing anything.
You want her to wear her birthday suit instead?
best to be totally natural
your right, they should just not wear anything at all
yes. They should remove them to avoid the problem
Not at all. As a matter of fact, if I could get away with it, I'd lie out on the beach completely naked.
Men have to control their behaviors. A woman in a two-piece bathing suit is not naked. If they can't control themselves, they will pay the consequences. Men do not have the right to accost women against their will in this society.

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