Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why do I have to look at FAT people at the beach in skin tight bathing suits. Have you no shame?

Whine whine whine, little man. If I have to look at men who have bigger boobs than I do walk around without a shirt on, you can look at a few pudgy people. It's a body, it's human, get over it.Why do I have to look at FAT people at the beach in skin tight bathing suits. Have you no shame?
I do NOT care what they wear. I am not fat. But come on. Have you no shame!! This demonstrates a person that has little to no confidence. I am very confident. So, as far as them wearing a bathing suit, it is thier choice. You know what really gets my goat. Is those skinny pale guys with thier pants pulled way up in the front and looks around and talks about the fat people. Or the flat chested, flat butt women that looks around and talk about the fat people. I will tell you this much okay. I can bet you that if me and my group of friends walked out and you were there with your group of friends, I know without a doubt that eyes would be on us. See, when you look good, and truelly look good, you never have to put anyone down. Actually, you won't. Your question just spoke volumes, NOT ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK, BUT WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF!!Why do I have to look at FAT people at the beach in skin tight bathing suits. Have you no shame?
There is a thing called Karma - and honey for you I hope it is just around the corner!
why do you HAVE to look at fat people?? dont you have any shame? do what you gotta do, enjoy the beach and stop looking!!
You are the one who has the shame, that's the problem. You don't like looking at them, then don't look.
Being an a*s won't get you laid. I hope you get fat one day and have to face it daily in the mirror.
lol lol people should embrace thier figure and relize some things just don't look good on you. They should be wearing something that covers and makes them look good and not repulsive.
Have you no shame for thinking that you are God's greatest creation?
I'm fat and i hate wearing bathing suits, but its the ONLY way i can get a decent tan. I don't spend a fortune on a spanish holiday just to go home as white as when i left a week before!
well quit looking. my daddy is fat, so i take that offensive. why do we have to see your *** in a bathing suit. its a free world, i hope you accidentally go to a nude beach and have to see old men and women like 90 years old walking around naked. i hope one of the old women slaps you wit her saggy titty too.
HEY YOU!!!! Get off my planet. Grrrr...
You don't have to look at them. Ever tried putting yourself in their shoes? Do you really think that people want to be fat? Do you realize there are genetic reasons and physical reasons why people gain weight and then can't loose it? Fat people have faults that can be seen by everyone. You have faults, what would you do if you had to display them everyday?
Everyone has a right. Are skinny people ashamed, are tall or short people ashamed. We live in a free world.
Blubber is stimulating to look at, you should stare at all fat butted people in skin tight suits, it will make you sleepy watching the rolls jiggle, and the earth literaly move beneath their feet. The real question should have been, why is there no law against companys making fat people bathing suits.
They like to feel like they're sexy too.
Have you no shame for being so rude, insensetive and callus. If you dont want to see them, DONT LOOK. You are far from perfect too sweetie. Maybe people get tired of looking at your hair color, or your eye color or your face. Dont be so mean...
i'm not fat - but thats a nasty thing to say. wonder if karma will come back and bite you?
Its vile isn't it. Shame on you all!!!!
You should call police and report those who are making you go to the beach and look at fat people.
More power to them, man.
Be glad that you're not in Europe and that they have their clothes on. Do not get too close, we might eat you.. just dont try to roll us back into the ocean, we are not beaching ourselves, lol
Well I am a big girl, and I have a bathing suit that is tasteful. I wear a beach dress over it unless I'm laying out. I do think that some larger people do not wear clothing appropriate for their size, but hey neither do some small people.

If it offends you too much maybe you should consider a tanning bed. Last time I checked this is still considered a ';free country';.
When i hit the beach, there's nothing I like better than to strap on a bikini bottom and do some leg lifts. I might add that in addition to my considerable girth, I am intoxicatingly hairy. Yes that's right folks...

There's nothing like the appreciation I get from my fellow beach-goers as I show them what a true 350 pound pasty white boy in a G-string is all about.

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