Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sisters, do any of you wear a bathing suit to the beach?

i don't swim, but i was told that there is a group of sisters who goes to the gym, they reserve the pool for the day so that the sisters can swim in the summer.Sisters, do any of you wear a bathing suit to the beach?
I do not wear a bathing suit. I would go to the beach in clothes that cover my body, but are comfortable and allow movement. I don't show my body to strangers.Sisters, do any of you wear a bathing suit to the beach?
What do you expect Muslim women to wear on the beach; Toga and Hijab? LOL
I am not a ';sister';, but I'd say that hijabi sisters don't do that.

What's the aim of this question? What are you trying to get at?
Haha, of course not.
Lol. Heck No. In Sri-Lanka we have TONS of beaches, and the guys are so polite, because they'll get us a separate section in the beach where only women can swim and have fun.

Even if we do, we go in wearing like pants and a long shirt. Lol. More clothing doesn't mean less fun. =P

of course

what else are you supposed to wear the beach???

i wear a bathing suit and those wrap around thingyz
no of course not...why would you wear something no one can see you in???
huh ??

in ramadan section ??!!

never :)
lol when i was little my parents used to take us to the beach and we would sit there like retards

nope, i don't know how to swim
oh my god.. such kind.. of a questiion.. in Ramadan section.

not allowed..

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