Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Should a 52 year old over weight lady wear a tiny bathing suit on a beach?

She is only 80 pounds over weight but loves the sun.Should a 52 year old over weight lady wear a tiny bathing suit on a beach?
no please think of the embarassement she will endure and how many people will be so grossed out. Its her life and no one should do those things but if shes self consious then idts.Should a 52 year old over weight lady wear a tiny bathing suit on a beach?
go for it
Publish and be damned!
Is this a joke?
Yeah. Why not? That's embarassing.
yes you should show these kids that overweight people have rights too
yes and no, yes if she feels comfortable with herself and no becuz how many people want to see a 52 year old overweight lady in a tiny bathing suit in the beach.
yes . you only have one life.
I think the lady can wear whatever she wants...but she should be ok with her body image cause she might get some looks
if you dont care what people think of you then go for it babe!
whats your Problem??????????
absolutely not. it's not cool to beach a whale.
If she is comfortable with her body, then go for it!
if she feels like it no probLem
wateva makes her happy, i guess. i hav 2 admit tho, it would b a little bit disturbing 4 passerby. i rememba one time i was at a store and there was this lady about 50 years old wearing a mini skirt and a tank top. (shudder) but the lady should also consider that there are little kids out there.....
lol i wouldnt
if she is comfortble with it she can wear

its her life its her wish
er... if she's in france, why not?

ask yourself this, if she were a stranger, would you want to look at her?
Er... I wouldn't, but whatever works for her.
excuse me,b ut did you say ONLY 80 pounds overweight?


old age will get us all 1 day good on her i say.
She might get stares and whispers but if she wants to do it, then who are we to stop her.
go for it
It depends on if she wants to or not.

Where else would she wear it but the beach?
As long as it covers her tummy.
nooooooooooooooo thats gross
Wear a sarong to conceal the belly.

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