Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is it too offensive for Indian people taking bath on the beach, dressed in bathing costume ?

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well, for me being an indian i dont consider it to be too offensive....but i will tell you y u find most people finding it offensive.

it is because of the kind of culture which is there in india and partly because of the kind of people.

in india, if u go to a beach you wont find people bathing in a swinsuit or something like that. they are almost completely dressed while bathing in a beach. taking a bath in a swimsuit in public is something which is not widely and very openly accepted and also not looked at in a good sense in india. i know it does not make much sense. just as worshipping a cow would not be accepted in the right sense in US or UK but in some parts of india it would.

the second part to it is, since bathing in a swimsuit is something which is not widely found in india. when u do so, u attract the attention of a lot of people. now some might just look and move away, but some might try to get mischevious. u never know right, what is there in whose mind. there are good chances of some mishaps taking place as well in such an event. there might be a group of people who might try getting or doing a lot of bad things. and as u know, these days, no one starts a fight for anyone else.

so the best option is to...follow the general culture of a country while in that country. becuase it is not common to other people and it might instigate a lot of other events, which might be healthy and might not be healthy (in most cases)

hope i could answer your question.Is it too offensive for Indian people taking bath on the beach, dressed in bathing costume ?
I am an Indian residing in the US and i do wear a swimsuit in the beach..BUT,in places like Hawaii,Bahamas etc.AND WHY IS THAT?coz there are many Indians in the US who still has that mentality to stare which is annoying .Also,people have this SOUR GRAPES mentality.They do wanna wear swimsuit but since they don't have the figure,comfort or confidence they insult the others.I rather admit the fact that i love to wear a swimsuit but in places where there aren't too many Indians.Is it too offensive for Indian people taking bath on the beach, dressed in bathing costume ?
its not offensive....its just our morals and etiquettes... we prefer not going half naked anywhere.......

plus since we have proper bathrooms wats the use of having a bath at the beach or wherever......ur just polluting the water...

plus most of the water is not really clean anyways.....
I am an Indian and I am a frequent traveller and I take bath in same costume as in my home town pond and same on beaches.So,no fuss.
Categorical reply of Tussar is enough and may satisfy you.
Take a real shower, that's why you guys smell so much. It's that and the curry coming out of your pores.

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