Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is it common for girls to swim in bathing suit at the beach?

I heard that in some countries girls don't show their skin in public areas so just curious about how it is in your country.

Do they need to cover up the whole body to make sure ?

It might sound silly but I'm dead serious.

Thank you !Is it common for girls to swim in bathing suit at the beach?
yeah ok so i have no idea where your from but in most places yeah people wear cozzies or bikinis or whatever

in the mediteranean and places loads of women just wear bikini bottoms and nothing more (bit disturbing for a 15 year old girl to not be able to avoid having sagging boobs in like every beach photo but thats the culture and we shouldnt moan haha)

in iceland its common for you to have to get naked before you get in a pool so im gunna assume they wear skimpy things too (now THAT was a culture shock lol)

=]Is it common for girls to swim in bathing suit at the beach?
in the uk its perfectly acceptable to wear a bathing suit at the beach... whether you go in the water with it or not is an entirely different matter altogether lol the water is BALTIC most of the time!
i know in most azn countries, you have to cover up clevage and alot of the legs, because its disrespectful to the elders.
Well i live in Australia and pretty much everyone wears bikini's, and no, no we don't need to cover up our bodies, i don't think anyone cares
It's really common like flies to honey in the United States... If you go to a beach you see mostly women with bikinis and other bathing suits... :D
yh, dont worie, most ppl wear a bathing suit rather than a bikini
Yes, bikinis and one pieces. You only wear a wetsuit when surfing.
Yeah, google.

Not a fashion forum.
you should search this stuff in google, and not ask it here.
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