Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Has your boob ever popped out of your bathing suit at the beach?

Happened to me this afternoon just curious if its happened to any other girls?Has your boob ever popped out of your bathing suit at the beach?
duh i was madHas your boob ever popped out of your bathing suit at the beach?
It happened to my girlfriend and I was there. She was so embarrassed. What's even worse is that a jackass caught on on video and for a brief amount of time it was posted on Youtube (until it got removed) but by then a good amount of friends had gotten a chance to watch it. I am so pissed. I wish I could have a word with that jackass.
all the time, pretty much every time i go to the beach lol. i usually notice as soon as it happens so its not that bad but this one time i was at the beach she was out of her top for like an entire minute before her friend told her! i would have told her if i was closer lol!
oh yea.

we just had a massive current at the beach a few weekends ago.

i thought id go in for a swim.

the damn water knocked me rite on my a** and im sure the whole beach saw my crack.

a lil boob slip never hurt happens.
does it matter lol and yeh its happened to me. but i cared when i was younger im now 21 and i jus go topless lol doesnt bother me their natural and everyone has seen a boob in their lifetime so not anything nu ther lol
At the pool it did not at the beach lol i was like AHHHH!

and it was a public pool sadly lol!

Lol sorry about the accident that happened!

-Callie 鈽?Fun in the sun!
Yes it has, it has also happened while doing a ';swan dive'; at the pool!! Everyone saw btw.
No Thank God! but it happened to my friend.Well actually her entire top fell off,everyone saw,lol.
i think it is a rite of passage. most women have experienced this at least once.
Yes, it was so embarrassing.
topless avoids these problems
haha yesss, in a wave pool LOL the wave was too powerful. xD

yeah, playing in the waves and such will do that..

its super embarassing lol.
omg! yes lol:) It was very embarrassing!!
omg yes!! no one saw though
omq yesz it did

it was so funny

imma a guy

how shud i noe.?
no, im a guy...

my swimming shorts have came down after a dive in the swimming pool XD

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