Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pubic hair and nude beach/ common bath for girls ?

do you think it will be indecent/shocking for a lady(26) to have pubic hair (i dont trimm at all, my hubby likes it natural) at a nude beach ? / common bath for girls before swmming ?Pubic hair and nude beach/ common bath for girls ?
Nude beaches are very non judgmental. If you are comfortable not trimming then don't.

Being naked is about relaxing not judging.

NiFPubic hair and nude beach/ common bath for girls ?
The motto at nudist beaches and resorts is body acceptance. At one point I've had the full growth triangle, been completely shaved and had a landing strip. At most nudist resorts the trend is toward completely shaved but at the nude beach we go to there are many women who walk around sporting a full growth.

Whatever you are comfortable with.
if you are going to a nude beach you should be comfortable about your body enough that you dont care if people dont like your pubs/

You keep your body how you like it, it's your body and your choice. I don't like pubes so I shave them, so does my bf (we like to feel flesh on flesh!). You and your hubby like the natural look with pubes so that's fine. Don't worry about it, it's your choice. I don't think I've come across a common bath? certainly swimming pools or showers. Certainly I've been where girls shower together, which is fine by me. Of course at club we have mixed showers. But as I said, I haven't come across a common bath!



I don't think it should be shocking to anyone. Everyone is an individual and if you want to have hair then that is perfectly fine.

And if you go to a nude beach like that I think that there will be other things and people to look at that will be either hairier, older or bigger. You should have nothing to worry about!
be yourself. people will accept you.
Just be you.

We have seen everything from completely shaved to women to shave nothing. No one cares, it's all about body acceptance.
It wouldn't be shocking for me. It'll just look natural, and there would probably be other people who have hair.

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